Fratelli Perata Winery

Portobello Pizza Crusts from friends of Fratelli Perata

Instead of using the ultimate thin pizza crust, some friendly winetasters suggested that we BBQ/grill Portobello mushrooms. So where have we been? This is a great variation and is carbo-correct, besides. The only caveat is to be aware of the amount of water the mushroom holds, if you want to adapt this to the oven instead of the grill. Be prepared to drain them.

For each “pizza”:

Heat the BBQ to medium hot, approximately 400 degrees.

Clean mushroom if needed with a mushroom brush or paper towel. Pop the stem off, and then ream the gills off with a spoon (backside works best, no gouging the cap). You can save the stem and gills for something else.

Brush both sides with oil, probably not olive oil because it will smoke.

Have ready your favorite pizza sauce: we use tomato and garlic simmered together, and your favorite pizza cheese: what’s on hand is usually fine, parmesan, mozzarella, feta...

Place the Portobello cap side up on the BBQ. This method lets the excess moisture drain off the cap instead of puddling and boiling inside. Let it grill about 4 or 5 minutes, and then flip it over.

Depending on the daring of the cook, either:

Take the Portobello off the grill, brush gill side with sauce, top with the cheese like a pizza, then return to the grill or while on the grill, brush on sauce and add cheese.

Finish by grilling another 3 to 4 minutes. Portobello will cook through, ready when cheese melts. Keep in mind, texture changes according to grill time: more firm, veggie=shorter time; more meat-like=longer time.

Remove, serve large Portobello pizza plated with knife and fork, serve small ones with a napkin, and, of course, with Fratelli Perata Cabernet Franc.