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Fratelli Perata Polenta with Blue Cheese

Sitting around the table at lunch, we had the new Merlot in front of us, while Cathy is finishing up some left-over polenta. Gino had the blue cheese out, which Cathy thought looked good, and lo and behold, the polenta/blue cheese combo did taste mighty good with this Merlot. Just to be sure, we had to recreate this and here it is. This is a little different from our previous polenta cooking with the addition of milk. Gino remembered his mother sometimes added milk to the cooking liquid. I suspect that when she finished the polenta with Parmesan or dried Monterey Jack, that she used only chicken broth. But when using soft cheeses she used milk, so that’s what we did here. This is really quite good with the Merlot. You could use it as a side to a meat for dinner or as is with a salad for lunch.

4 cups chicken broth
4 cups milk
2 cups polenta
1 1/3 cup Mascarpone
8 oz. blue cheese, or gorgonzola, or gorgonzola dolce, crumbled or cubed, can adjust to taste more at the end
Salt and pepper
Walnuts and walnut liqueur for garnish (only for a Zinfandel pairing)

In a good sized heavy saucepan, bring the broth and milk to a full boil. Slowly add the polenta, stirring constantly so it doesn’t lump. Continue stirring until very thick and it pulls away from the side of the pan, about 40 minutes. Alternatively, you may have your own favorite instant polenta or baked polenta procedure. We just won’t offer one here.

When the polenta is just past soft and will begin to hold shape, stir in the blue cheese and stir until dissolved throughout the polenta. Then add the Mascarpone which will dilute the polenta for a couple minutes, just keep stirring. Add fresh ground black pepper and taste for any necessary salt (already have some from the chicken broth and the cheese).

Scoop to plate to serve

To pair with Zinfandel, drizzle with walnut liqueur and chopped walnuts if desired.