Fratelli Perata Winery

Steak on the Grill 

Sometimes, you just don’t want to mess up something good. Start out with the best and all you need is the wine. No sauce, no enhancers, no fuss: just the right sources and the right technique.Find a top quality prime filet mignon. Alexander’s certainly has it. Costco is more widely available and sometimes has prime grade. Although I shudder to mention Costco in the same breath as Alexander’s, not everyone has a top-notch butcher in their vicinity. Prime is indeed very expensive, but I trust you’re not doing this every day, and when compared to going out to eat, doing it yourself is a bargain. Then find your favorite BBQ apparatus and here we go.

2- Filet mignon, slices 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch thick
1 medium hot grill
No bacon or prosciutto to wrap around it, no blue cheese sauces, no black pepper sauces

Let the filets come to room temperature, no microwaves, please. Bring the BBQ up to temperature: too hot to hold your hand over a big wood-burning BBQ, or 3/4 power on a propane job. Please don’t use briquettes, they have their own “flavor”, unless you have extra special home-grown brands like the local fellow used to make on Willow Creek Road.

If you absolutely must, season with salt and pepper, or very lightly with your favorite dry rub. We don’t use anything until we’ve tasted the finished meat at the table.

Place filets on hot BBQ, cover if desired for a more smoky taste, for 3 minutes. Turn filets with tongs; don’t stab the meat with a fork. Continue cooking 2 minutes at the most. There should be the beginning of crusty grill marks on the outside, the piece should be pliant.

Remove from heat, bring to the table. Let rest about 2 minutes. They’ll be something else you wanted to serve and you’ll have to run and get it and that will be about 2 minutes.

Taste. Love salt? Then add a little, same with pepper. Remember you’re after the flavor of the meat, so don’t add much.

Inside of filet should be rare. Alexander’s is so good you could make beef Carpaccio from it, but that’s too rare for most people. Cook it to where you are comfortable, but if there’s no red meat on the inside, skip this and do another cut of beef. Serve with Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva. We don’t need anything else.